Edie Frates, age 7, riding DWA Lancers (Sabson X Badi Pink Chablis), age 25,
an ex-race horse who is enjoying being a family horse.

 Basha Monroe riding DWA Cyclone.

Beth Willard and her daughter, Haley, riding DWA Polo and DWA July in the hills.

DWA Ziffarah (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Sabfarah by NF Proof) with her owner, Shannon Paige. 
Click on this link to read what Shannon wrote about her horse!

Debra Ray-Lantrip riding her horse, DWA Sabsons Shiek (Riley)
(Sabson X Saranade by El Camino Samir). 

 Steve Jasso riding his horse, DWA Shamaal.

2007 Mare, DWA Zifanisa (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Sabanna by Sabson) 
enjoys working in the arena with her owner, Sally Bailly.

DWA Fabian and his owner, Mindy Mays.


Lise Byrne relaxing on her horse, DWA Khyber.

Noli Burges Frates riding Shabby Shiek (Louie) sired by DWA Sabsons Shiek.

Chelsey Meyer jumping with her horse, DWA Sabalat (Kestrel). 

 Julie Blincoe on a trail ride with her horse, DWA Sabsons Tiger (Sabson X  Fondora by Fontez).

2009 gelding, DWA Ziffdaka (Chndaka X DWA WH Zinfandel by Sabson)

and his owner, Lise Byrne, doing some arena work in a clinic given by

trainer Dana Lovell in Petaluma, California on February 3rd & 4th, 2018.  

DWA Risha (Samsheik X DWA Sabdora by Sabson) is very fond of  Kassidy,  a member of the family who owns her, and doesn't mind if Kassidy visits  with her during her naptime.