Trainer Connie Holloway riding DWA Sabsons Tiger (Sabson X Fondora).


2007 Gelding, DWA Zifhaffir (Haffir el Rimal X DWA WH Zinfandel by Sabson)
ridden by trainer Spencer Dominick.

Trainer Rhett Plocher riding DWA Nadra, 2007 mare 
(Falina des Fabries X Royal Perrfection by Monarch AH).

Trainer Dana Lovell working with DWA Haffirs Tika (Haffir el Rimal X LZP Royal Tiki by Sam Tiki).

2013 gelding, DWA Superman (Monarch AH X DWA Croix Blanche by Ala Croixnoire)

                     learning some groundwork from trainer Lorie Hunter.

Trainer Bryce Galbraith in Rigby, Idaho riding 2008 mare, DWA Whisper (DWA Ziffalat X  Foryda).

Spencer Dominick training DWA Tabriz (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Saralina by Sabson).

 Spencer training DWA Tabriz to go into a muddy creek.


Trainer Bonnie McBride riding 2008 gelding, DWA Qadir, (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Pinga by Sabson).

2007 gelding, DWA Shihab (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Saralina by Sabson)
ridden by Spencer Dominick from Wilsall, Montana.

Trainer Connie Holloway sacking out DWA Zifhasan (DWA Ziffalat X Royal Perrfection by Monarch AH) with the assistance of Sarah Holloway and Merri Melde.  Video by Merri Melde.

Trainer Ted Nicholes' son, Terrence, (Foundations and Beyond Horsemanship)
working with DWA Ziffdaka (Chndaka X DWA WH Zinfandel by Sabson).