2013 gelding, DWA Superman (Monarch AH X DWA Croix Blanche by Ala Croixnoire)

                     learning some groundwork from trainer Lorie Hunter.

2007 gelding, DWA Shihab (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Saralina by Sabson)
ridden by Spencer Dominick from Wilsall, Montana.

Trainer Bryce Galbraith in Rigby, Idaho riding 2008 mare, DWA Whisper (DWA Ziffalat X  Foryda).

2007 Gelding, DWA Zifhaffir (Haffir el Rimal X DWA WH Zinfandel by Sabson)
ridden by trainer Spencer Dominick.

Trainer Rhett Plocher riding DWA Nadra, 2007 mare 
(Falina des Fabries X Royal Perrfection by Monarch AH).

Spencer Dominick training DWA Tabriz (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Saralina by Sabson).

 Spencer training DWA Tabriz to go into a muddy creek.

Trainer Dana Lovell working with DWA Haffirs Tika (Haffir el Rimal X LZP Royal Tiki by Sam Tiki).


Trainer Connie Holloway riding DWA Sabsons Tiger (Sabson X Fondora).


Trainer Connie Holloway sacking out DWA Zifhasan (DWA Ziffalat X Royal Perrfection by Monarch AH) with the assistance of Sarah Holloway and Merri Melde.  Video by Merri Melde.

Trainer Bonnie McBride riding 2008 gelding, DWA Qadir, (DWA Ziffalat X DWA Pinga by Sabson).

Trainer Ted Nicholes' son, Terrence, (Foundations and Beyond Horsemanship)
working with DWA Ziffdaka (Chndaka X DWA WH Zinfandel by Sabson).