SOLD!   DWA Haffirs Tika, 2009 mare (Haffir el Rimal X LZP Royal Tiki by Sam Tiki) 

                     trained by Ted Nicholes and in further training with Dana Lovell.   


SOLD!      2013 Gelding, DWA Sherlock (Gorec X DWA Mellina by Sabson) getting some trail

                                           experience  with trainer Dana Lovell in 2017.  

DWA Amir (Monarch AH X DWA Sabanna by Sabson)

                    SOLD!    2012 gelding, DWA Amir, on his second trail ride with trainer Martina Vala in July, 2018.

​SOLD!       Trainer Dana Lovell working with  2014 gelding, DWA Einstein, to continue his education (spring/summer 2019).   

DWA Haffirs Tika (Haffir el Rimal X LZP Royal Tiki by Sam Tiki)

                      SOLD!       2013 Gelding, DWA Sherlock  doing ground work training in 2015.

DWA horses are founded on the great race horse producing mares of Forta and Sabellina by stallions which include Monarch AH, DWA Ziffalat, Moment of Valor (son of Wiking), Samsheik,
NF Proof and Darwinn.  These stallions are bred to daughters of Sabson (son of Czort and Sabellina and full brother to Sambor), and daughters of Sam Tiki and Monarch AH, to name a few.   French Arabian stallions such as Haffir el Rimal, Ala Croixnoire, Falina des Fabries, Darwinn and Chndaka have been included in the DWA breeding program, as well.  DWA has numerous horses with superior racing blood for sale from weanlings to 6 year olds.  Below are some of the DWA horses for sale but more can be seen at the DWA ranch.  For more information about DWA horses call Robert at (208) 788-3080 or (208) 720-8792.

 DWA Eldon Ray (DWA Ziffdaka by Chndaka X DWA Sabfarah by NF Proof)

                 2014 gelding, DWA Eldon Ray, is presently in training with Dana Lovell.

DWA Risha (Samsheik by Sambor  X DWA Sabdora by Sabson)

DWA  Einstein (Samsheik by Sambor X DWA Mellina by Sabson)

DWA Sherlock (Gorec X DWA Mellina by Sabson)


SOLD!   2011 mare, DWA Risha (Samsheik by Sambor X DWA Sabdora by Sabson)

                                     in training with Bryce Galbraith in 2017.